Welcome to ATS Garage

ATS Garage is a tool to manage software updates on embedded devices. It works with Yocto-built embedded Linux projects to deliver blazingly fast, secure, managed updates to your devices.

Built for automotive, ready for IoT

ATS Garage uses the same base as our software updating product for enterprises, OTA Plus. It supports many of the same features, including the Uptane security framework and multi-ECU updates. Some things are simplified, however, making it easy to start and work with projects in early development. Since everything on the client side (and the core of the server-side code) is open source, you can build secure updates into your device right from the prototyping phase with confidence that you’ll be ready with a production-grade update system once your product ships.

Get started now

Learn how to get started with our Raspberry Pi quickstart project, with Automotive Grade Linux, or if you’ve already got a Yocto-based project, you can just add our open source meta-updater layer to your build.